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CAL-50-BOX - Calcite 1/2 Ft3 Boxes

Calcite 1/2 Ft3 Boxes

Raises pH - 0.50 Cubic Foot Ft3) Ships via UPS)

Handy Tool - Media Funnel

Retail Price : $118.50
Our Low Price : $96.40

Acidic waters on contact with Calcite slowly dissolve the calcium carbonate media to raise the pH which reduces the potential leaching of cooper, lead and other metals found in typical plumbing and maintain high service rates. Depending on pH and Service flow, the Calcite bed will have to be periodically added to as the dissolved calcite depletes.

As the Calcites calcium carbonate neutralizes the water, it will increase hardness and softener may become necessary after the neutralizing filter.

Advantages :

High uniformity coefficient for maximum contact for controlled pH correction
Slower Reacting

Physical Properties :

Color - Near White
Density - 100 lbs./cu. ft.
Composition - CaCO3. 95% minimum
MgCO3, 3.0% maximum

Conditions for operation :

pH - 5 - 6
Bed Depth - 24 - 30 in.
Backwash Rate - 8-12 gpm. Sq. ft.
Backwash Bed Expansion - 35% of bed depth
Service Flow Rate - 3.6 gpm/sq. ft. invariably give satisfactory results but may be modified in view of local conditions

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