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Replacement Lamps For UVMax Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Replacement Lamps For UVMax Ultraviolet Sterilizers The Trojan UVMax system is the most advanced UV technology ensuring that you get a robust cost-effective and efficient solution to your disinfection needs. All models include high output UV lamps 304 stainless steel housings and a state of the art power supply with both visual and audio failure alarms. The D E and F models also include alarm resets elapsed time meters dry contacts and lamp replacement meters. All models 120 volt 60 Hz.

In this section you will find replacement bulbs

More Info Product Name Retail Price Our Price
UV602803 - Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-3A
More Info

Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-3A

Catalog id : UV602803

UV Lamp for UVMAX-3A Ultraviolet Sterilizers
$195.15 $144.56
UV602804 - Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-5B
More Info

Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-5B

Catalog id : UV602804

UV Lamp for UVMAX-5B Ultraviolet Sterilizers
$250.03 $185.21
UV602805 - Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-14C
More Info

Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-14C

Catalog id : UV602805

UV Lamp for UVMAX-14C or UVMAX-14D Ultraviolet Sterilizers
$228.26 $169.08
UV602806 - Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-28E
More Info

Replacement Lamp - UVMAX-28E

Catalog id : UV602806

UV Lamp for UVMAX-28E and UVMAX Pro 7 Ultraviolet Sterilizer
$292.72 $216.83
UV602729 - Replacement Lamp
More Info

Replacement Lamp

Catalog id : UV602729

UV Lamp for UVMAX-47F and UVMAX Pro 15 Ultraviolet Sterilizer
$340.18 $251.98
Replacement Lamps For UVMax Ultraviolet Sterilizers

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